Friday, February 8, 2013

Pouty Lil lady

Pouty lil lady was drawn in my 4th day of my new drawing class.
The last I had taken drawing was back in high school so many years ago. I am enjoying this class a lot and hope to continue!!

 Thank you my sweet husband for making it happen!! :)


  1. She looks like my gran daughter who is 2, and had a stoke in uterine,at birth or shortly after birth. Now of course she has cerebral palsy and mild epilepsy. I have book marked your page so I can tell my daughter.Her Story is on her mother and father's pages. Sarah Kuntz and Jack Kuntz in Dayton Ohio

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    I would love to read the story about your daughter. If you see this please leave a link to it? I will try and google search it... my heart goes out to them! Thank you for stopping by! :) Betsy