Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sun Art "SunFlower" aired 4-20-2014 on CBS Sunday Morning show!

Sun Art "SunFlower"
 aired 4-20-2014 on 
CBS Sunday Morning show! 
Prismacolor pencil and Gamsol
by Betsy Chaplin

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Promises kept!

 Here is a short story.... true through and through!

We have been talking amongst ourselves about sunshine in our FB Art Challenge Gallery group.  It brought to mind this memory.

When I was 9, I skipped school on my birthday, Feb 21! It was to be very warm that day... upper 60s and I did not want to be in school for it.  I live in Ohio and for those that live here you would think that to be a fictitious story if ever you heard one.

But it was not only upper 60s that day.. it went into the 70s. It was a most beautiful day but I had played hookie that day. Our parents were gone on a conference trip and we had some older folks watching us. I loved these 2 like grandparents. But Mrs. Bayshore, made me stay in bed all the day. Even when my sisters had come home form school, she told me that she did not want the others to get my sickness. I tried to convince her that I was magically all better but she heard not a word. So the day went by, I could only enjoy the day from my bedroom window. I cried, and I cried that day.... the temps fell again the next day, and I was not happy about missing that most perfect day.

I never played hookie again the rest of my life, including school, and work. Every Birthday, during the week of my celebration, it has always gotten above 50, at least one beautiful sunshiny day for me to enjoy. It is my promise that spring will be here soon, and I shall be able to endure!

 Look at your extended forecast and you will see we have temps in the 50s next week.. followed by dipping temps! 

My mom told me once when I was an adult, never make pacts with God you don't intend to keep. Though I was a child when I spoke with God that day, asking him to always make my birthday a beautiful time if I promised never to play hookie again. I have never gone back on that promise and God has always blessed me with what I feel is a beautiful day for my birthday! Sort of having a present from God every year!

May all your days shine bright, may all your wishes come true and always above anything be true to your self!
And as my mother would say. "never make a pact with God that you do not intend to keep because God keeps his promises!!!!"
Wishing you many blessings during my week of celebration!

story and  photography by Betsy Chaplin