Saturday, November 13, 2010

Changing Leaves - (chapter 1)

She walked down the isle of the grocery store. Talking to her husband and picking out shampoo. Just an ordinary evening. Noticing a gal coming down the isle opposite of her she noticed a familiar face. In this small little town it was quite common to run into another girlfriend, PTA member, Band Parent, Sports coach, Teacher, Pastor, anybody. But today the face is of someone distant, more defined than usual, almost like time elapsing appears out of no where. With every step of this known stranger, another glimpse of the past stood out. Every step a gasp was taken. Heart beating rapidly, but standing still almost motionless. Thump, one heart beat. The past creeping ever so near. Every foot step again so slow motion and meaningful. The face of the stranger, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, a mom. In an instant she calls out to her. Are you Katherine? Is your name Katherine? The distant familiar face turns, she looks at her. Yes. Yes my name is Katherine and who might you be?

Stunned, almost with tears.She hugs this long lost shadow of her past. This stranger not knowing that she, without any idea or apprehension would become the very link to a story untold, a lost puzzle piece of life unfolded. Spontaneous combustion. Fireworks, explosions, demolition, Kaboom. Her being, her spirit has turned night to day and the past to future.
Her smile so familiar and yet so unknown changes the very course of Priscilla's direction in life and her desires of life as she once knew it. Changed at this precise moment. Tattered pieces suddenly fall into place.
Some twenty six years ago, Priscilla's mother has passed away leaving her to the challenges of a man left bitter, angry and cold. A world that over the course of the years would leave Priscilla in the tail winds of life. A grave left unattended, and a story yet to be completed.

This November day marks the day of celebration and excitement as Priscilla unveils the truths of her past and the love of her destiny.