Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rascals - our new Furbaby

Rascals comes to us from Miami Co Animal Shelter. There were some awesome dogs in the shelter Tuesday when I went and the sad eyes asking to be taken home were a bit unbearable. Wish I had a big ole farm because I would have taken quite a few of them with me that day. An Akita that was just as handsome as can be and well mannered, a lil pug whom was just adorable. But Rascals sat beside me, and soon as I sat down he lifted his paw to me like a little gentleman and liked my hand. There is still Chivalry left in the world!
Now yesterday I opened the door to bring groceries in and though he was sitting when I told him to sit, he took it upon himself to start a game of seek and find. Out the door he ran, and my groceries were left to the moment. If you ever want to meet your neighbors get yourself a dog that runs! Everyone in the neighborhood will be out to find out who you are yelling for and why you are in their backyard. Some as my new friends Katie, Maddie and Emily and another new friend Noah, helped me try to round this lil guy up to no avail. I met a really nice gal name Brenda who didn't get mad at me because her dog went through their screen door. She was just happy to meet me too! I will have to get back over to chat with her again. Dogs bring the best dog owners together for sure!
Oh and by the way, we never did catch Rascals, rather when I decided I had enough of searching I yelled to him I was tired and going home and if he wanted supper he better follow. He took off again and I was a bit frightened that I would not find him. But as I came around the corner, there was my husband and there was Rascals. Hubby asked if I thought it was a good idea to let Rascal run loose, and I said... oh yeah... its a great idea. I just got in about 2 miles of walking in less then an hour. Hes a great walking companion. (yes I bit my tongue). I went to the door, yelled come on Rascal time to go in and Rascal followed behind, I hugged him and praised him for coming home and gave him a treat. Rascal jumped in his bed and fell asleep! Boy was I happy and exhausted! Got a walk in, met several new neighbors and know my dog knows his way home already! I am a proud Pomeranian mixed Owner!!!