Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stampers Quest Blog week!!!!

I am so excited to be the blogger of the week at StampersQuest.
Hope you will follow me there and leave a comment or questions on my blog there at StampersQuest when my project gets posted there tomorrow!!!! :)

I really had a great time creating the project. I had a lot of difficulties with our internet losing connection this week. I want to thank Stephanie and Bea, for their continued encouragement and patience while I was uploading and editing my project! These guys ROCK~

A thank you goes out to my Stampin-Scrappin Nook yahoo group friends for their continued patience with me during my silence with in the group during my new transition and learning process while designing and editing my projects. NO Miss Lynn, I will not forget my friends or move on or away just because I am designing... I miss you all , and you are the base of who inspired me to create!!!! !!!
A wink goes out to Hewitt, Jo, Diana, Lynn, Polly and RoseAnn, who kept "PUSHING ME" to design and go outside the box. You are the "Stickles" of my life!!!!

Now go tomorrow to see what I've created over at StampersQuest and let me know what you think!!!!

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