Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Dad!

49+ years ago I met my dad! He was there when I first came into this world. He never let me forget that either.. ( I brought you into this world. I can take you out of it) OH what big words but oh how I loved to have my hand in his... Big.. warm.. secure but always gentle.
Dad is getting ready to leave this world and as I grew up I learned that the only father that can really take you out of this world is our heavenly father. I remember our trips to church and learning who our heavenly father was and all about his world, Heaven.
So God, our heavenly father... with all your strength, your big warm and secure hands that are ever so gentle... raise my daddy up to your world and don't let him kick and scream going out of this one. Just a small request from me.

I was just told recently by my sister that we are going to be granted some of the cremation ashes of our dad when he passes.. (Lord please don't let him suffer any longer and take him to be with you soon) and though having ashes just isn't my cup of tea, I shared that we really should dig a ditch and kick his "ash" in it.
OH he would be laughing now as you see... my Daddy was a Drainage Contractor and best known as a "Ditch Digger". YEP I Am a ditch diggers daughter, I worked right beside him for years, and proud of it!!! I seriously can feel him laughing... oh he has such humor!

A lot of commotion has happened in the past 20 years and regardless of what some folks have said... Dean England was my daddy, my hero.. one of the best friends I could ever have. I love him truly more then he will ever know.
He taught me what truth was, and taught me to be straight forward and no shooting from the hip! I became very much like him and that my friends has scared the bajeebies out of me I can tell you! Sometimes... it is best to just lay low, quiet and humble... I am learning!!!

Daddy is leaving soon and though I have not been permitted to see him in over 2 years, never ever has my love for him failed.I did not always like him but I do love him! I was his shadow in the fields, and he led me to love nature and all its seasons.
Spring has always been one of his favorite times. He loves the crispness of the cool spring mornings. He loves listening to the birds return and always pointed out the new babies in the field. A rabbit, a fawn, a calf. He loves the clouds, and he loved the smell of new turned soil.

Daddy may you soon return to the soil that you loved so well and to the skies that you were so fond of. I will follow you when it is my time and we will walk together in Eternity, and enjoy the smell of the soil together!

I love you as I have always loved you and that my dear father can never be taken away!!!



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  1. Betsy, I am sorry to hear of the turmoil in your family situation. I pray you find comfort in the good memories of your Dad.